My Adventure to the Birmingham Zoo!

The Zoo! I love the zoo! Now I want to go to bigger better zoos!
This is the first time I’ve been since I was five & I loved it!!!

There was the lazy lion. We couldn’t get a good look at him because he was napping up on a rock. Pride Rock style!

There was this monkey that tried to attack my friend. HILARIOUS!!
It stared at him, got in the pouch position & then BAM!
Jumped right into the glass!

This was the type of monkey

They have a fallen tree with a plaque???
They had loads of birds. Some that thought we were quiet yummy :D
So, we go into this like huge bird cage with lots of birdies & I’m trying to find one that will let me pick it up when finally one licks me then jumps on. It licks it’s way up my arm then starts chewing on my shirt. Then another one makes a landing on my head!

Finally my husband got the bird off my shoulder & put it on his.
Let the lovin’ begin!!
It just licked & licked on his neck! :D

He apparently tasted so good that when I’d try to get the bird off he’d bite me.
there was also another bird that seemed to think my friend should take his clothes off! HA HA

(I was gonna  add a video, but it wouldn’t work)

We’re not gonna discuss the kangaroo…..


Flamingos are awesome!!!
I tried to have a standing on one leg competition with them, but the group left me so I had to forfeit.

The red panda was adorable, but I didn’t get a picture. There was tons of awesome animals there. I’m not gonna name them because I’m sure you have an idea!

I was gonna ride a camel, but it looked painful.  I finally got up close and personal with the tiger.
Through glass of course! :D
Have you ever looked a tiger in the eyes? It’s wild!
He was so funny though. He would pace back & forth and then he would reach up, hug the rock, stretch out his cramp, and start pacing again.
The wild African dogs were so pretty & have really big ears!
Skinks! Have you ever seen a skink?
Those things are UGLY!!!!

I do have other pictures that include….

The chillin’ Lizard

Fat gator

The black swans

The red river hogs

The ostrich that was dancing to the african music.
(Again I have a video, but couldn’t upload it. sorry)
OH! And did you get a look at those feet?!?!?

They had this canopy made up of winding trees. So awesome!
I want on one day.  Otters! I so want a otter.
They’re like dolphins with fur & legs. They’re GREAT!
Ok. My last two pictures I’m putting up is of the Giant Anteater.
And BOY was he giant!

We showed up on him while he was bathing.

He stunk! HA HA
He flopped around in the water, scratching and licking himself.
When he rolled over he knocked the thing keeping his water in so when it was
all gone he showed his appreciation by taking a poo. NICE!

All in all it was a great experience! Everyone needs to take a trip or 5 to the ZOO!

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