It’s A Covenant

 My friends wedding this past weekend was Beautiful!
Not just the bride and scenery, but the ceremony as well!
I love how they infused GOD in all of it.How they made public that it wasn’t just some contract that could be broken,but a binding covenant between them & GOD.
It was Awesome!
It was also full of history too!
They had Scott (the preacher) give an historical account of marriage.
Explaining how the wedding would be centered around a sacrifice &
they would exchange items like their sandal & their coat.
I thought at that moment how cool it would be to see people doing that nowadays. he he :D

They  did this hand fasting thing that I thought was really neat.
Scott would ask them a question like
“Will you burden the other” & they would respond with
“I might” & he would say “is that your intention” then they”d follow
with a no & then he would lay a cord over their joined hands.

Then after so many cords, he tied them together signifying

that they were now bound to each other.

But my ultimate favorite part was how they exchanged vows

silently together & then joined in prayer before the LORD.

& so this was my favorite picture and I took a lot of these.

Her brother also played a beautiful song during that part.

Then Scott gave another history lesson about the rings &

said how the ring was a constant show of their ties &


Kiss Kiss

And they Lived Happily Ever after!!

P.S. Another thing I really liked about the night was when they would

walk together he would hold her dress for her.

I don’t know why, but that really touched me.

I guess since I don’t really know the guy it was

a good show of his character to me.


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