O No you Didn’t!

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Oh Yes I did!

Well the phone I had, I like to call the BatMan phone, stopped being able to charge
so I was forced to get a new one.

Now that I have a computer I didn’t want a smartphone anymore, but then my verizon
friend told me about this.

The Casio G’Z one Commando 3G Smartphone

A waterproof Smartphone!?!?!?
Now that sounds nifty!

So I put it to the test just now & hey!

It’s also dust proof? and shock proof.
Which is good because the phone I had before was also
a G’z one. The Rock ! I think that’s what it was called???
Anyways it was their Indestructible phone.
So I got use to not having to care what happened to it.

And this phone came with some of the best ringtones I’ve ever found on a phone.
It also has the step counter with the trails that I really like.

So for all you Smart phoners out there that have to spend extra money
to make your phones waterproof well NA NA NA NA Boo Boo!! HA HA   JK
Mine came that way!

Oh, and they’re having a really good deal on it!
Buy one get one free!
How about that!?!?!?

So now I’m actually hoping we get to go to Nantahala this September
so I can try it out.
I’ll be like paddle, paddle, oh!
Whip out my phone and take a picture or VIDEO!
And hope I have a good grip! HA HA

I almost forgot! It’s a Droid and apparently it has this really thick glass called
GORILLA  glass??!?!?  SHWEET!

Any thing that has gorilla in the title’s gotta be tuff!


**INSERT** I did consider changing the name of this post because I didn’t really like it.
But now that I’ve showed my phone off to people. Either by dropping it into a cup or bowl of water, or running it under a faucet and seeing the looks on everyone’s faces!

They so give me that ‘Oh No U Didn’t‘ Look!!!!
It fits!!
Who knew??
Ha HA :D

3 thoughts on “O No you Didn’t!

  1. I’ve never heard of gorilla glass… lol. I love smart phones but I really dislike the way they’re constructed.. it’s almost like they’re made to break so you have to buy another one. But thanks for letting me know about this Casio

    • This is obviously my 1st one, so I didn’t know that they were so weak!
      Well, other than what my sister tells me about her Iphone. Which she didn’t really say till today.
      So in that case I’m very glad I got that one.
      Not to mention it’s been fun to show ppl the waterproof abilities & watch the look on their face! :D HA HA

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