The main question in Life is usually “WHY?”
Why this and why that?…..Original Post Date (Feb. 11, 2009)

Well, I was just thinking about my little doggie outside and how it
makes me sad that I neglect him or so I feel I do ….
The funny thing is, even though it probably knows it.
It tries so hard to get my attention every time he knows Im around.

So I was thinking……??
What if they were made to show us how the TRUE nature of
Love is suppose to be like???

I mean if you find the correct dog…
You know the one that is madly and deeply in love with you
and it goes nuts whenever your around!
You can leave for just a second and when you get back!
It’s On!
It’s gonna waller all over you and kiss you and all that good stuff!… HA HA

I have to majorly lock that kid up or there’s no stoping him from getting to me!

And if you wrong it?
It doesn’t care….It doesn’t remember….

If you hurt it?
It’s like it never happened.
Yell! Scream! Beat it! It’s gonna love you no matter what!?!?!?!

Maybe that’s why he’s our best friend?….


(Not saying God’s anything like a dog… HE’s way smarter & better than any dog or thing! But just open your mind & drift with me here)

But it can only show you love in a natural way
There are means to ruining it’s love or keeping it away

But Imagine it’s love SUPERNATURALLY!!!
With no means to an end!!!

But really?
Why do you think Adam named it that?

Did it remind him of his best friend?

Did it share HIS characteristics of how he felt loved?

Did it follow him out of Eden? 

(I did do some updating to this post, but I tried to keep it as original as I could. It’s a blog I posted on my myspace a few years back.)

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