An Ariel’s Eye View PT.1

I was planning on sharing some of my favorite pictures that I’ve taken over the past few years, but then I went through some other peoples blogs & I was like there’s no way!

These peoples pictures are amazing!

Mine are pretty crappy compared with theirs!

But I’ve decided to share them anyways! :D

And HEY!
Me being an amateur and using a 5 megapixel  camera and the pictures coming

out as good as they did….  Well that impresses me! :D

OH! And some that I’m putting up were actually taken with my Sony Ericson Phone.
So yea! What do you say about that?!?!?
Plus I like them! And I need to have another post.   He he

Here they are!

Panama City Beach, Florida ^…………………Fort Pierce, Florida ^

Panama City Beach, Florida ^

Davie’s Bridge, Arkansas ^Nantahala River, North Carolina ^
Somewhere in Cullman, Alabama ^

My Back Yard ^…………………………..Hot Springs Village, Arkansas ^
Hot Springs Village, Arkansas ^…………………My Front Yard ^

Amsterdam, Wisconsin

8 thoughts on “An Ariel’s Eye View PT.1

  1. I havn’t had a digital camera in quite a while…. but some of my best shots was with it!!! I’ll have to dig them up – – – maybe I’ll share them as well!!! BTW your photographs are really very beautiful!!! :) **

  2. All your photos came out better than most of mine do but you probably have a decent camera, mines old but it works, I think its cool you post your own instead of cut and paste of others, my favorite pic above is the front yard with the sun shining down through the trees. You have a pleasent eye with your shutter, keep taking photos AND posting them! God Bless-WATW

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