What do you look to?

I want to live “I’m gonna have to stand in front of GOD one day and I want HIM to look at me with love not disappointment ” minded.
Every word ever said, written, done; laid out before me. I’ve already used up 21 years. I pray that I do have 99 more years to use correctly. I know good wont out way the bad, but Christ has taken responsiblity for my words, for my life.

What have I done with it?

I’ve already disappointed enough!
I know that stuff is paid for and forgotten, but there’s still that day!

The day every little part of my life is laid bare before me and YES!
That scares me. Amazes, but terrifies. Lovely because I know I’m paid for, but have I paid my due?  I’m held at a higher accountability now.
Hows that make me feel?
More scared………. 

But you loved me anyway”

I can just see myself now.
Laid out in your glory.
My judgement day.
My life echoing around me.
Weeping bitterly…..

“But I Love You Anyway…. ”

Picking me up and standing me to my feet.
Holding me close and welcoming me in…..

That’s the day I look to.
That’s the day that’s been plaguing my mind.

* Sidewalk Prophets
You loved me anyway

Great song!
Check it OUT!

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