Jack Skellington Cupcakes!

It’s the thought that counts, right?

HA HA I found these on the internet and I did my best with what I had (keep that in mind) to make these here cupcakes for my sister’s Birthday! :D


So the recipe thingy told me to get chocolate cupcakes, Butter Cream Icing, and black Tubed Icing.
This is all I could find! :D he he

Yup! They didn’t have black tubed Icing so I got that brownie stuff. You’ll see how that turned out! And that’s the only kind of chocolate and butter cream they had. Whipped. Which is pretty good.

Now I’d bet you can use any kinds you like as long as you come out with white icing.

Now you get your cupcakes going of course and well…..
as you see, I’m not very good with filling them up to 2/3.
:D he he

See! HA HA That’s what happens!

Okay, After you’ve followed the instructions for the cupcakes, it’s time for icing!
Simple enough….

Pretty !

Now the instructions I was given said to take a tooth pick and draw the eyes and then take the icing out of the circle.
Yea, I did that. Like twice! Then I just used me FINGERS!
I wiped away an eye and licked the icing off my finger! he he
Then when I had too much I used a paper towel.

Now time for the face making. Yes! It’s very important to just find a tube of black icing! SEE!

YES! That is a turkey baster!
I told you sometimes you just have to make things work.
Never said it’d be EASY though! :D

So I used that to make my faces.
Your probably like “Yea, now I see it.”
Not! Your not gonna let me off that easy!
Why can’t I say that’s why they look like that?!?!?

HA HA I had to show you again! :D

When you do the face, it said to take another tooth pick and smooth out the eyes. I tried that! Look at the very first picture, but I just found it easier to leave well enough alone. ha ha

Oh, and did I tell you that turkey baster was out of control?!?!?!??!
It just wouldn’t stop coming out! ha ha

Well there you have it and maybe you can do a better job! :D
But hey! She loved them!!!!

P.S. You might want to get a better picture to go off.
Mine’s not that great! he he

5 thoughts on “Jack Skellington Cupcakes!

  1. Ok, so I haven’t seen the original instructions, but i don’t want to… I’m sure the ‘real’ ones do not instruct you to get in there with your fingers or to lick them… I’ll be following your instructions and will give these a go for Halloween

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Loved this, You have a great sense of humor. so brave for posting pics of this adventure. I love the cupcakes, they look great actually! Good Job! -watw

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