I Would like to learn….

Hebrew and I think I’d like to try Greek sometime too.


The Bible.

I’d like to be able to read the original script for myself.

I believe there’s just so much lost with the simplicity of the English language, that one word can mean so many things and it causes you to miss out on the context of the text. Or that the true meaning of the word has been lost throughout the years and that the word alone doesn’t cover the complete meaning and they leave you wondering… huh?

I remember for the longest I really had a problem with something I found in scripture, because it just didn’t make since!

Then I learned the original word used in that text and what it actually meant and then it made perfect since!

Yupp Yupp! Indeed….

WOW! This prompt thing really works!!! I would’ve never come up with this subject to write on! :D

I also wish I would’ve stuck with studying my German. It’s just nice to be able to speak another language to help keep the mind sharp. I do mess around with it here and there every-now-and-then, but nowhere as good as I was in school.

HA HA! Now that could give me a subject to write on sometime….

Hmmmm….. Maybe someday I’ll tell you some of the reasons I hate school!


What might you be interested in?

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5 thoughts on “I Would like to learn….

  1. Hey good post! My friend at Unexpected Road on Blogger(you can find a link to her on my site in the kind pages) has a ton of info on learning hebrew for christians and she posts a lot on traslations. She is currently taking Hebrew online and she studies with a friend via video chat, you might have fun with that. ANyways thought you might like to check her out. You are so right about wanting to understand the bible better through learning Hebrew. God Bless- WATW

  2. German is pretty difficult in my opinion. Even though my German teacher says it is close to English (what?).

    And what is stopping you from learning Hebrew? ;)

    • Interesting….. I remember my teacher saying it was one of the harder ones. At lease for us english folks :D
      uhhhh….. Just not doing it yet and I’d prefer to actually learn it in a class or from experience and we don’t have any Hebrew classes around here. But I need to definetly need to look into what my last commenter put up

  3. Hi! This is the friend the Woman at the Well referred to above. I wrote Unexpected Road on Blogger but moved to WordPress (I like WordPress MUCH better) and now am the BELOVED DAUGHTER of the King at https://kingdaughter.wordpress.com/

    My goal is also to learn to read the Bible in Hebrew. And I often say that I am learning Hebrew so I can greet Jesus in His native language when I meet Him! Hebrew is an AMAZING language with every letter and word filled with meaning. I am learning SO MUCH about the Bible that I never knew before. If you really want to learn Hebrew, I am willing to help you get started….

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