Merry Couchmas!

Hmmmmmm……. I wonder what that is???

My sister is moving and planing on getting a new couch so she gave me one of hers. Since it’s so close to Christmas I told her it can be my present and that she HAD to wrap it :D

She had no christmas paper, plus it’d probably be really hard to do, so I settled for newspaper :D he he

BEAUTIFUL! Of course when I got there she only had the newspaper laying on it. I was like, now how am I suppose to open it when I can just uncover it?? So I had her tape it to the couch.
Much better.

O.K. Now I’ll fill you in on how this happened…..

It decided it was a bird! Ha Ha

It flew out of the bed of the truck! Litereally!!!
Then it topled and rolled and ended up like that.
Only one foot left, a piece in the back is broke,
it use to be taller and it’s ripped up on top….
Nice…  ); 

BUT!!! I made it work! :D

It makes for a good relaxation couch :D
Not too good for sitting because it’s really low! ha ha

I like it and it works!!!
At lease until I get her other couch and
that ones not taking a Swan Dive!

Since this happened I really wish I would have taken a
picture before it got messed up, so you could really compare,
but that’s life for you!





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