The Dog who saved my life

I think he turned 7 before Christmas this year and my mom gave him to my step-dad 7 Christmases ago.
(Is that a word?!?!?)

Boy was it ever a hate and love later in life relationship between me and that dog. The dog was fine, for the most part, when he first came home. It was the summer following his arrival when the hateful relationship really begun.
I had to be his babysitter all summer and wasn’t allowed to do anything.

Quick question. Who watched him while we were in school huh?!?!?
Ok I just had to get that out. Back to the tale.

So that’s were the fighting began between the two of us and it carried on throughout the years. We tormented each other. Yes, it really did go both ways. My friends and family could tell you some stories about the two of us. Some that might even make you cringe! and laugh:D
Later on in the years things did cool down between us and got better for the most part. There was still some tension here and there.

Now to how he saved my life. 

We’re going back to that first summer, my 8th grade summer waiting for high school. I spent the whole summer; or what I can recall, at home. So when a friend called me up wanting to know if I’d go to Church Camp with her, I was all game. I’d do just about anything to get me out of the house!! Especially for a whole week! Oh, yea!…..

Now there’s still a possibility I would have gone with her, but truly I think if the situation was different those chances were slim.

Now that trip to camp that year changed my life.
It began my commitment to Jesus
and an amazing next two years.
My life was forever transformed.
I chose then to officially set sail on the path made out for me.

If it wasn’t for Buster, that annoying basset hound; who really looked more like a weenie dog (he he), with his crazy eye and long ears,
I might still be a lost sinner drowning in my own Hell today.

Life would be horrible! 

So to you, Buster!
I celebrate the part you played in mine and my family’s lives.

Here Here!

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