In My Defence… I thought I had just committed suicide!

Original Post Date 8/26/09

Afterward Jared informed me that it was a class 3+ (4) rapid. Something that requires you to know how to roll before you’re allowed to go down it….

There was one way down & that was at an angle.
To the left…Not really sure it was too fluffy & white……
To the right… Two Huge rocks that you wanted to avoid if at ALL possible!

As I approached it I totally chickened out, but there was no turning back!I had a perfect spot picked out for me and my boat, but instead I tried for the spot Jared had smoothly gone down. But I freaked and decided I didn’t want to go down and got caught in a tree!

As a result of my freaking I got sucked down it and had to deal with what came next.

So, I see where I’m headed and it’s straight for the two huge rocks!!!
ME : “Oh Sh**!!!”
Craig : “I think she just said something she wasn’t suppose to.”
(Yes. I was able to hear that while on the waterfall, but I didn’t remember it right away.)

Then all I saw was a big wave and I felt my kayak land on a rock.
I was gonna try to boof, but there’s no paddling faster than rushing water!

So next thing I know, I’m under water reaching a mile just to pull off my skirt, because the boats a tank, but I resurfaced before I reached it.

I didn’t realize how scared I was till later when I was helping get water out of my boat & I couldn’t stand because my legs were shaking so badly & the rest of the trip every little movement had me freaked!

Jared said that when I landed on the rock the water picked up the back of the boat & flipped it into the water!

                                                   The Tank

Yes that is a kayak made for lakes.
Not ideal for running rivers.
Try to stick with a whitewater kayak.
I made it work though.

Jared took this boat down the same waterfall on the spot that I had originally chosen and did just fine! :/ Grrrr….


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