You Must Go See the Harlem Globetrotters

At least once in your life.
It’s probably one of the best basketball games you’ll ever see.
If not?
I know it will be the most entertaining :D

They reminded me of Rodeo clowns or circus clowns? I guess you could call it a basketball parody. You’ll be laughing your head off almost constantly. The shows filled with crazy stunts and random happenings. You’ll never be bored! There’s so much going on, like in ballet, that you might miss something…
I did!
Everyone started laughing, so I asked my husband what I missed. He told me to look up. Yea! That didn’t occur to me. It’s not something you usually have to do at a normal basketball game. :DYou’ll see all kind of crazy things like this all night long!
The opposing team was trying to shoot a free throw.
(?? I know not basketball terms)

You’ll start the night off with meeting their mascot Globie.
He’ll do a trick, some dance moves, or ……

He might even fall in love with a member of the audience?!!?

You’ll also meet a new addition to the group.
Globie’s brother Big G.

He will also entertain and have you cracking up :D

Now before I add more pictures I have to apologize for how poor they are. My camera’s getting old and is messing up :/ It’s also gotten slow which turned out to be a bad/good thing :D I also used my phone sometimes which wasn’t much better. But hey! Maybe that will encourage you all the more to go and see them yourselves :D

During the game they will pull random kids on the floor.
Yes! Right in the middle of the game.

That guy is Stretch.
He’s redicolously tall! He didn’t even need to jump to dunk. He could have just put it in the basket, but he would do a very, very small jump. More like a push-off the ground.

   Here they were having a water fight and one of the players tried to use a kid as a shield.

They might even steal your purse and then give you a “box of chocolate” as compensation.

Now I will share some of the crazy stunts that might take place during the game :D

Someone might try to shoot a basket with their legs while doing a somersault.
Maybe they’ll have a fashion show after striping a opponet of his clothes. They could even dress up like ninjas ….

And sneak attack the enemy and pants him?!?
(This is where I lucked out in having a slow camera. Wouldn’t have gotten it other wise :D)

And in return have his secret revealed :D

Maybe break out in song and dance

There’s really no telling what they might do!

All in all it’s a great experience. Many more things take place along with some really neat shots and moves. You’ll have to check it out yourself to get the full scoop (;

Funny fact: I think my group was the only ones who knew nothing about the HGs and what takes place at these events. It took me a bit to realize it wasn’t a real game. Let me explain before you laugh at me. Or I’ll at lease keep you from being laughed at later:D I didn’t think there would be any type of game setting. I just thought they were gonna do a bunch of cool tricks. Which they did and I wouldn’t have thought it was a real game had they not set it up the way they did! he he

After talking to the grandparents I learned that it really is a one time deal. Or a wait so many years before returning with your kids deal. Or if you just love it, do it again deal!

Apparently they’ve been doing a lot of the same stuff for many years; there have been a lot of changes, but I guess you have to keep up some traditions. Especially if it’s very entertaining.

There is one thing that should be retired though! he he he……
Or at lease done a bit less

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