The Day I’ll Do Without…

Valentines Day

It should be celebrated by neither Christian nor children.
From its origin in fertility rights to this day-and-age’s actions in sex and one-night stands.

Now-a-days it’s the Holiday that plaques the lonely.
Tells people it’s not ok to be single and that  you must have some form of Valentine, at lease for just this day, or you’re a loser.

The complete opposite of what we should be taught.
Commitment should be an everyday thing and shared with just that ONE PERSON and no other.
Don’t try to fill a void that wasn’t there till you were deceived to think it was.
It’s worth the wait.

Like in Songs of Solomon.
Don’t Awaken Love until it’s ready

The only way I’d be ok with Valentines Days, is if it was celebrated in the fashion of which it’s named.
                 St. Valentine
A man who risked death to join those who were in love in marriage.

If it started being a celebration of marriage and the purity there in.
Then and ONLY then, might I consider it.
A day to celebrate commitment.
TRUE LOVE and the patience required.

And we’d have to do our best not to twist and mangle that,
NO!!!! Or we’re back to where we started.

Even then, should it be a holiday?
Or maybe just a time to teach, learn, and emphasize the importance of these truths?

I encourage that you do research on these matters.
St. Valentine: What all he did and stood for.
The origins and practices of this day in Rome. (The Real Day)
Why it was made a holiday and what it’s become today.

I would have done so like at Christmas Time, but then we’d have a really……….
……………………………………………………………………….. long post :D

2 thoughts on “The Day I’ll Do Without…

  1. You have very good points, but the person who is sad because he feels “lonely” on Valentine’s Day lacks a healthy self-esteem in my opinion. A person is not defined by who he has at his side, but by who he IS.

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