I found a Dino!!

You MUST go to the Mid-America Science Museum.

It’s the coolest Museum ever!!!!!
Located in or near Hot Springs, Arkansas

ok… ok…

So I haven’t really been to very many museums, maybe two or three, if even that and they were all completely different so yea….

But this one is totally awesome! If I lived anywhere near it I’d be there like every day! So I couldn’t live there! ha ha…
Maybe I could settle for once a month….
Maybe :D

At most museums your told No touchy!
But not this one, you get to put your greasy fingers all over everything, well most everything.

If you want a great hands-on experience, maybe learn something new,  need some exercise, or just bored?
You’ll LOVE IT!
I sure did!  And it was my second time to go :D

That’s right!
You can dig up your very own Dino!
Crawl through the inside of a worm or an “underground” maze.
See what Peter Pan was so fussy about.
Make your own tornado (pretty cool I say) and plenty of other things :D
And yes, It’s fun for all ages (;

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