I’ve abandoned you!

WHY?!?!? You may ask.


I guess I haven’t had the time or just didn’t know what to write even though I do have something I’ve been needing to share with you, but I don’t know if I’ll get around to it.. he he

This month has been pretty amazing……
I was helping out at a Soup Kitchen at a local church, but they’ve shut that down for a bit. So instead me, my mother-in-law, and her kids do deliveries out of the house.

My friend contacted me and told me that she’s ready to turn her life around and get radical about JESUS again! Oh Yea!
She also wanted to get back into doing Dramas / A.K.A Human Videos.
We use worship, dance, acting, sign language and the works to minister through music.

We’ve almost completed our second song and we’ve only gotten together twice :D
and we have at lease two places lined up.

The first song is “Now Behold The Lamb.”
If you’ve seen a drama you’ve proabobaly seen this one.
A few years ago and you couldn’t have paid me to do it, but it is powerful and
we needed something to get us going.

Drama is trying to take over my life!
I’ve just been a ‘lil’ bit excited, but I’m going to find balance :D
Being too tired to move can help that! he he

Well…. There you have it! A bit of the reason why I’ve abandoned you.
Maybe it was a good thing because I just shared a personal post?
We’re growing!!!

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