Glass Blowing and Magic Tricks

I’ve been needing to do this post for months now and I’m finally going to get to it! :D
I visited The Ramp this weekend. (A Ministry place in Hamilton Alabama. A GOD ordained place. A favorite place of mine. A place that has impacted my life for the past 8 years :D) And the speaker that night spoke on the secret place and used an actual door for representation. So it reminded me that I needed to do this :)

What does a door have to do with this?
Well we’ll get to that, but first Glass Blowing.

I don’t know if you’ve watched a program on T.V. about glass blowing and maybe you thought it was really neat. Well the program just doesn’t do it justice!:D
It is so much better in person and I think they leave out the best parts.
So now I’m telling you!
You must look up a place that does it and go!
I’d so in the winter though If I were you ;)

Don’t know a place? Well I do!
There’s one near Hot Springs, Arkansas.
The Riley brothers.
They’re supper nice and very talented.

Now the door….
While in Hot Springs, Arkansas we also went to a magic show.
Maxwell Blade’s for a fact.

       (  Favorite picture )

My first live magic show :D
It was fantastic because Max is very entertaining.
Even though I might not have been int he best seat.  Some moves weren’t so secretive from my point of view ;) but I was on front row which got me a souvenir.
A signed souvenir.

The best part of the show was how he ended it.
He ended it with telling us the two most important things in life.
I only remember the first one, so you need to go to the show and tell me what the second one is :D

The most important thing in life he said “Is the relationship between you and your Creator.”
                                      AWeSOME! I was not expecting that :D

He continued with telling us about a type of ministry he does that involves a door….
A Door.
He even has a song with it.

You can find his testimony on YouTube along with his song “The Door” and you’ll get a general idea of what he uses his door for.  I’d tell you, but I’ve waited so long I can’t put it into words correctly. I just know.

So go and you can know too! :D


  A Glimpse of the Show
 I’m glad your cool dude because I would’ve peed myself!!!


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