I AM!……….

 I thought you guys might like another post since it’s been a bit.
So I’ve decided I’d share a bit of what went down this weekend ;)

                                         The Batman mask is very unflattering :) It also didn’t help that I was laughing so bad! ha ha You can see tears, which it might have forced out?

 This one is actually from another time, but I needed my Iron Man mask included!! :)

This one really amuses me because it came out looking fake? Like we edited the picture.

 I really think the Lizard needs a cigaret in this pic or something! It just has that look….

    Anyone know who any of these Power Ranger people are? HA HA

Well… I guess you can see that we had some spare time on our hands :) he he
By the way, we about DIED when it came to The Hulk mask and the Lizard one was pretty funny as well!!!

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