To Blog or not to Blog?

This is one of the main reasons why I figured I shouldn’t start a blog. Lack of post. Granted I didn’t think too many people would come across it, but since they have-makes it worse….    I was also against it because I think there is too much info spread on the internet now. Too many wasted words being thrown out and most pointless and I really didn’t want to add to  that. I find a lot of blogs ANOYING! Yup I sure do, but I gave in and did one. Went to the zoo and decided to start there. Had no idea I would do those info ones where I gained most of my followers either :) Or any of the ones since. Some have been random just to have something up. Like now I guess. So……..

I learned something awhile back and I did want to share it, but never researched it too deep. At least not when I wanted to. It’s about birthdays and I was going to do so around mine, but it’s past. So,
do you know what the most important holiday for Satanist is?
Your own Birthday yup….  Followed by the day their 1st church was established and Halloween. Your birthday you may ask? Well it makes sense to me. What is that day usually all about? ME Todays my day, how can you please me today, what can you get me, etc. You know. It’s pretty selfish. (Not always, but mostly) The complete opposite of Christianity where your to be humble and put others first :)
You can even find other pagan roots i the celebration in birthdays. Where you will not really find it in original Judaism. Except maybe the importance of the 13th birthday.
Have a research fest and see what you think :)

Hmmm….. Let’s see. What other interesting things have I learned lately. (That other was actually like a year ago. When I was doing the other research.) I’ve been watching this show from the 90s called SLIDERS. I think it could be a very informative show for our day and age. A lot of the settings they end up in are in worlds where the Constitution is either non-existent, forgotten, or trashed. It gives really good scenarios for what it’ll be like without it. One even got me thinking of how we could really use a fresh look and introduction to the constitution ourselves. That maybe we should pass it around for everyone to see again. To be reminded of the truth and the liberties America is supposed to offer and why we were great once…..
O! and before there was Hunger Games there was the last episode of season 1 of SLIDERS :) he he

Something else. It is illegal to give homework in Georgia!
Ok Ok, maybe not illegal, but they did pass a law against giving out homework. Says it’s not fair to those who can’t afford what it takes to do it.
Now that’s where I was like…. Uh piece of paper, pencil you know the things you must have for school!?!? But they are a little more high-tech now I guess…. Cracked me up though!

I thinks that’s all the blabbering I have for now :) enough to give you guys a post and more research ideas. Even a t.v. show to consider! (It’s a pretty good settle if your a Star-Gate fan :)
Enjoy ha ha



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