Playing Photographer

My friend asked me to take some shots for her. They’re wedding shots,but then again not. Since they didn’t have a big service deal she asked me to do a little shoot for them. And as I’ll always admit I am no pro. Completely amateur. Here are some (I took LOTS!) of the shots :)





Finally!!! This post took 3 days to do! The loader wouldn’t register all of the pictures, so I had to wait a whole day for it to refresh. 

I decided to share this one because I liked the sky. A little messy though.

Ha Ha we tested out leaf pictures :) Dead leaves he he… We threw them up our selves.

Or dropped them…. :) 

We had an unexpected guest :)

These next ones are some of my favorites and I hope to reenact them one day in old age :)

hmmmm……. What’s that? 
A spider, What?!
I’m gone! ha ha
 Or was that a kill?

Gotta throw in some violence :)


Had a go at this fad. I like it. Should’ve tried a bit more, like maybe a full body shot or something…. Any suggestions?

We had some technical difficulties with those leaves.

The creeper shot :)

And after going back through these I’m not too impressed, but I do like.
Got a lot to learn and practice!

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