Hello From Minnesotta!!

IMG_20121205_145241IMG_20121205_145924 Ice piled up on the lake shore.
Jellyfish at Sea Life aquarium in Mall of America

I can’t remember what these guys are, but they’re neither gator nor croc.

They just chillin

At the Sculpture Garden in Minneapolis they have this square of benches with different quotes written on each bench.

This glass sculpture is my favorite and I was surprised to see those palm trees.

his guy really surprised me with how close he got.

 The Basilica of Saint Marry in Minneapolis. Across the street from the sculpture garden.

 I don’t much care for Spongebob, but I had to get a picture of his house and Ang air bending on my head :) at Nickelodeon Universe in Mall of America.

 I loved that show :) and if you can’t tell I’m not too fond of Dora either ^_^ he he….

Lake of the Isles 
 Sculpture Garden

Those guys ^ are nutz!
      This nice loooong bridge had a poem written through most of it. I’m not sure how much actually registered

because I was pretty freaked out.    

And this wasn’t much better! Actually it was HORRIBLE and I did the easiest part. It was possibly the worst experience of my life. Or on up in the top. The slide was awesome though!! :D

Another one of my favorites at the sculpture Garden and this guy ^ is made completely of Legos. Lego Land in Mall of America. We spent 7 hours in that mall and barely covered it.

Walking through that aquarium tunnel was so magical. Amazing really! I think they added to that experience by having the perfect music playing. Walked through it twice. It can be a little freaky too. So I’d say that’d fall under my You Must category as well. It’s still amazing watching the videos I took.

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