Writings from My Husband: Praise

Children of The Most High God. Raise your voice! Cry to the Maker of your souls. Sing the praise of HIS Glory. The rocks sing, the stars chime, and HIS people sit still mouths sewn shut.
Injustice cries the sun, shame screams the oceans. You will sing of insignificant achievements that you acquire in your own strength, yet the praises to the ONE who gives strength unspeakable is not heard of the lips of those that claim HIM as Lord.
I see a cry rising in the hearts of the true followers of HIS Name. The sound brings shame to the sun, moon, and stars making all of creation sing louder to match HIS Majesty and the Lord of all the creation that is singing begins to lift up His voice with a sound so glorious men cannot hear. The earth trembles with exaltation unto HIS Name, the spirit of men who hear the warning is quickened and all shake in one accord to the living God and the Lord begins to brag of the praise HE receives from the broken and shamed. These are my people, HE begins to say. They hear me and respond likewise. I will lift them up so all can hear the sound of conviction ring through the heavens. My spirit will fill them with power and strength. None that hear can deny the glorious work.


Come out!

Come out Brothers and Sisters,
Mothers and Fathers,
Elders and Young ones

Come out from Babylon, the False Church

Come Home to your Real
Brothers and Sisters,
Mothers and Fathers,
Elders and Young ones

Come back to the Real Church,
to Real Love.

Come be the Bride again

Writings From My Husband : Cries

Oh I hear cries from all. the sun the moon the stars. they cry and are not heard. the earth shakes its fist and is not heeded. who shall avenge us they cry.
you think yourself capable of avenging a fellow creation? i think not, for can you number the sands of the sea. can you say to this star be removed and to another bring forth new light?
how can you deem yourselves worthy as a redeemer when you are the accused by all creation. no you have not the wisdom to pass judgement in this matter for you are a fellow creation.

i hear cries of justice and cries of mercy. who then cries unto me.
you say this cannot be justice. look and you shall see the pain and suffering what form of justice is this and whom shall call this mercy?
but i say who are you to say what justice is. do you see all the makings of this time or can you change the very heart of the earth?
you know not the meaning of mercy for if a man toils in a ditch and asks not for your help you might try to help and if he spits at you, you might linger still but if he pulls a knife to your neck you will leave him to his toils.
i have not done so i have come to you at a time when none cried for me to a people who spit at my face to a people who were suppose to serve me but slew me. still i remained among you and even now i linger hoping for the few who might see the great mercy i have provided. this is the grace that has saved the few, but many think it free because they know not the meaning of grace nor the meaning of mercy.
it is not free it is a call to servanthood to pass from one master to the master.
for who shall be a slave and being beaten all of his days. when a new master purchase him and give him good work without brutality this is unjust you purchased me to free me from my prior master now you must let me go to ensure you are a man of mercy.
none in that place shall be treated kindly for you are bought to make sure you have a good master not one of evil. and not that you might proclaim yourself a master. for you were created as a servant to one but master over many. how dare you proclaim you are no servant. i will insure you to be a servant and take your masterhood away. now you will serve those you had rule of.
but those whom embrace servanthood shall become the master of all you once ruled.

Journey of Renewal

I’ve got a challenge set out before me

An answer I’ve been waiting to hear

A sight long unseen

Life long friendships obtained

Wisdom and knowledge and a cup over flowing

Confirmation and healing

A most beautiful story


All with in a 3day period

Thank you LORD for our stay at Fellowship of the Martyrs!

Playing Photographer

My friend asked me to take some shots for her. They’re wedding shots,but then again not. Since they didn’t have a big service deal she asked me to do a little shoot for them. And as I’ll always admit I am no pro. Completely amateur. Here are some (I took LOTS!) of the shots :)

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Has Got To Be One Of The Best Messages Ever !!!

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