My first Geocache!


“Hey! get dressed!”


“We’re going on an adventure!”

These are the words my sister-in-law heard as I ushered her into my plan. I finally decided to really look into Geocatching and was surprised to see some were right down the road from me! I knew too, that I wouldn’t really know what it was till I tried & found one. Which I was right. Once you find one I think it gives you much more confidence!

   I was so lost. She asked me exactly what we were doing and my answer was “that’s what we’re trying to find out”. Checked out 3 different spots and did a quick scan of another. Couldn’t find, well actually we found some stuff, just not what we were looking for and the GPS app i was using would not cooperate, otherwise I think it would’ve been much easier.

     We returned home a little bummed and I did some more research and thinking and then decided to go back to the first place which I deemed easiest to find with no coordinance. Lo and behold with some patience, clues, and deductive reasoning I found it!!!!


     And got bit by ants : /

       So I have found an adventure for myself! But for now I’m having to look for catches that should be fairly easy to find without a GPS, but once I get one…. O MAN! It’s on!  I think I may have an addiction :) he he.

  I advise if you can, to try it out. I think it’s going to be a great way to see places and things I wouldn’t normally. Plus with it so wide-spread I’ll always have an interesting thing to accomplish in any place we’re visiting and that’s very exciting!

  Also can’t wait to leave some :)

(The rest of the day turned out pretty adventurous as well:)



Hello From Minnesotta!!

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Journey of Renewal

I’ve got a challenge set out before me

An answer I’ve been waiting to hear

A sight long unseen

Life long friendships obtained

Wisdom and knowledge and a cup over flowing

Confirmation and healing

A most beautiful story


All with in a 3day period

Thank you LORD for our stay at Fellowship of the Martyrs!

Glass Blowing and Magic Tricks

I’ve been needing to do this post for months now and I’m finally going to get to it! :D
I visited The Ramp this weekend. (A Ministry place in Hamilton Alabama. A GOD ordained place. A favorite place of mine. A place that has impacted my life for the past 8 years :D) And the speaker that night spoke on the secret place and used an actual door for representation. So it reminded me that I needed to do this :) Continue reading

I found a Dino!!

You MUST go to the Mid-America Science Museum.

It’s the coolest Museum ever!!!!!
Located in or near Hot Springs, Arkansas

ok… ok…

So I haven’t really been to very many museums, maybe two or three, if even that and they were all completely different so yea….

But this one is totally awesome! If I lived anywhere near it I’d be there like every day! So I couldn’t live there! ha ha…
Maybe I could settle for once a month….
Maybe :D

At most museums your told No touchy!
But not this one, you get to put your greasy fingers all over everything, well most everything.

If you want a great hands-on experience, maybe learn something new,  need some exercise, or just bored?
You’ll LOVE IT!
I sure did!  And it was my second time to go :D

That’s right!
You can dig up your very own Dino!
Crawl through the inside of a worm or an “underground” maze.
See what Peter Pan was so fussy about.
Make your own tornado (pretty cool I say) and plenty of other things :D
And yes, It’s fun for all ages (;

You Must Go See the Harlem Globetrotters

At least once in your life.
It’s probably one of the best basketball games you’ll ever see.
If not?
I know it will be the most entertaining :D Continue reading